batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


batec hybrid the wheelchair add on handbike for maximum enjoyment of healthy physical exerciseThe BATEC HYBRID is our electrically assisted wheelchair add-on handbike. A unique product that allows you to make the most of your free time doing healthy physical exercise.



a new edition of the most feminine attachable handbike the batec electric purple editionFollowing the success of the BATEC PURPLE last year, we have decided to launch a reissue of 25 units of the most feminine attachable handbike



batec 4 quads la nueva gama para tetraplejicosHere at Batec Mobility we haven't forgotten about our users with higher injuries. This is why we're particularly proud of the newest additions to our product line: BATEC QUAD HYBRID and BATEC QUAD MANUAL, rounding out the Batec range for quadriplegic users or those with similar injuries.


blog batechandbikes wheelchair with welded batec handbikes anchoring bar Some manufacturers even give users the option to purchase their wheelchair standard with the BATEC DOCKING-BAR soldered on to minimise the added weight on the chair to less than 200 grams. The bar is also fully integrated with the wheelchair, and can even be painted the same colour.

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