batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes



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batec scrambler handbike 00A special limited edition of 30 units of the BATEC RAPID 2 arrives! Power, reduced size and agility in a single Batec. 

batec scrambler handbike 00The most  powerful and off-road  Batec handbike has arrived: the BATEC SCRAMBLER. This Batec, thought for the motor lovers and off-road experiences, is inspired by the engine iconic referents of the 1960s.

blog batecpeople forrest sobre hielo con un handbike batec 00Forrest (quadriplegic, Canada), huge nature lover and outdoor sports devotee, has always been adventurous and his injury has not changed that. Do not miss him "skating" with his family and his Batec handbike at Windermere Whiteway, the world's longest ice-skating track. Amazing!


blog bateclifestyle adaptive alpine skiing for people with disabilitiesNowadays it is possible for people with disabilities to do adaptive skiing thanks to ski stations worldwide that are prepared to receive people with all sorts of functional diversity. Some of the best-adapted are: La Molina (Spain), La Plagne (France) and Falls Creek (Australia).


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